When the euro will back to the ground

     The union currency continues to update annual highs, without experiencing any serious resistance. In the EUR/USD pair, euro was able to gain a foothold above the level of 1.12, and now the market participants are wondering will reach the euro 1.13, and most importantly whether it will go further.
     So far, everything is developing in favor for a union currency. Political risks in the Eurozone have declined, unlike the United States, where the scandal surrounding Donald Trump is unknown when it will end and whether will end at all. Statistics from Europe came out so well, that even the head of the European Central Bank noted positive changes in the economy. In the US, heads of federal banks are also optimistic speak out relatively the country’s economy, but the latest statistics showed not the best results.
     In this regard, today the euro is able to make another leap towards strengthening against the US dollar, with the support of another positive portion from France, Germany and the Eurozone as a whole.

     But just such strong growth of the union currency is clearly not pleased the European regulator, because it can put pressure on inflation, with all the ensuing consequences. Therefore, it’s very interesting, when the ECB will take up to verbal interventions to at least stop the growth of the euro, and at best return it to more modest values.