What will support the dollar?

     The US Dollar Index descended below 99 basis points yesterday, it’s the minimum value for the last four months. And now market participants are wondering will be able the US dollar to restore its positions or will continue to decline.
     This week from the United States important economic news will not be much. On Thursday, will be published GDP and Unemployment Claims, on Friday, Personal Income and Spending. This news is unlikely to significantly influence the US currency. The dollar bulls place more hope to representatives of the Federal Reserve System, which will speech in the coming days.
     It is expected that officials will continue to support the idea of tightening monetary policy, relying on to positive economic statistics. Till now, between the members of Fed, is being considered the probability of raising interest rates even more than three times this year, but if the US economy will show significant growth.
     Verbal interventions from the Fed can still work and support greenback. But if Donald Trump further will continue to run into resistance of advancement their reforms in the Congress, there will be no fiscal stimulus, and tightening monetary policy will slow down, or stop at all. Therefore, on the market arise risks which can lead much weakening the US dollar.