Wait when pound stay

     In recent days, the British currency showed good results and was able to mark at the GBP/USD at 1.25.

     For the pound strengthening helped several factors. The statistics, which coming from Albion, shows that the inflation rate in the country has climbed above the values of 2014. Besides, was changed rhetoric in the Bank of England. At the last meeting of the British regulator, policymakers expressed the readiness to raise interest rates in the near future if the consumer price index will continue to grow.
     But shouldn’t to expect that the sterling will continue to free ascent to the north. First of all, in the coming days, Prime Minister of Great Britain Teresa May will launch 50 article the Treaty of Lisbon. Negotiations about the withdrawal of Britain from the European Union certainly will be long and hard. On the continent are not going to do discounts for the United Kingdom.
     At the same time, Scotland will add fuel on fire, with statements by officials and preparations for a new referendum.
     But the real tests of the British economy are just beginning. The growth of the consumer price index outstrips the wage growth, and most companies in the country do not plan a significant increase pay in this year. The decline in living standards will have a negative impact on the GDP and as whole to the UK economy.
     Therefore, the pound growth is worth considering, as an opportunity to sell it from more profitable levels.