Trading platform for binary options: how to choose the best

 Types of platforms

 For a start we will decide on concept of a trading platform for binary options. It can be:

• web platform,

• a mobile application with support of different operating systems,

• the Metatrader terminal from the MetaQuotes company,

provided to the trader by the broker of options for conducting the auction for the purpose of obtaining the income. The most popular and the best platform today for marginal trade is Meta Trader 4. It is widely used for the auction in the market Forex. Though there are brokers of binary options suggesting to use Metatrader for trade on the platforms. And it is their big plus as MT 4 gives ample opportunities for the technical analysis, in difference from the majority of binary platform.


  MT 4 for binary options

Turning from beginners into more mature traders, clients of many brokers face understanding that the offered web platforms have weak, limited functionality which doesn’t give the chance to use all set of professional tools for the analysis of a situation in the market. Some begin to use the live schedule which is in fact analog of the MT 4 program, but working as the web terminal. However, despite visible identity, the terminal of Metakvots has a row qualities inherent only to him without which the professional trader just isn’t able to afford to do. It is :

• An opportunity to add to the terminal except a standard set others, the new, and also independently created indicators.

• Existence of sound notifications of MT4.


As the Metatrader represents the program which is separately downloaded and installed on the computer or the mobile device, in order to avoid infection with viruses of your system, it is necessary to take it only on the official sites of brokers with which you work.


Leading trading platforms of binary options

Despite all advantages of MT4 in front of browser terminals, nevertheless, in most cases binary brokers suggest clients to use web platforms or programs of own developments (it is characteristic of large broker companies). For binary options distinguish three main ones from the most   known trading platforms:

• KeyStone,

• SpotOption,

• TechFinancial.


  All platforms are available in a web and mobile version, but only SpotOption has a additional intergation with MT4. Others, slightly less known, the platforms Tradologic, TradeSmarter, MarketsPulse, ParagonEX significantly concede above-designated to three on functionality and opportunities. According to statistical data, first place in popularity among traders of binary options following the results of 2015 is won by the SpotOption platform – about 60% of the software market, the second at Tradologic – about 24%, on the third place Meta Trader – was placed with 6 percent, other platforms have much lower indicators.

  Criteria of the choice of a trading platform

Safety – in wild conditions of the modern world one of the main conditions of conducting productive business. Protection of personal data and financial information of the client – the main priority for the solid broker. For this reason,the larger and more authoritative company the better and more reliable it methods of protection of client information . The main methods of protection of a trading platform and the website of the company in general are concluded in use of the best protocols of enciphering.


 The round-the-clock support – the broker has to provide ongoing technical support to the clients, whether it be an online chat, phone line or tiketny system with a fast response. The client has to be always confident that at any time he will be given the qualified help on any trade or technical question.


  Transparency – obligatory part of functionality of a platform which provides the trader with available information regarding collecting and the commissions.


  The rich functionality – at any trader is special preferences in trade. It is better for someone to trade in currency pairs or raw materials, someone prefers to invest in actions or indexes. On the basis of it the trading platform of a binary option of the broker chosen by you has to have a wide choice of all categories of assets, and also possess a set of tools, for an assessment of the movement of their price, and directly for conducting the auction. It is possible to refer the choice of a type of an option, the technical indicator, a taymfreym, etc. to such tools.


  Possibility of receiving fast profit – at the choice of a platform, be surely convinced that she supports trade in short-term contracts of 1 minute.


  The chosen platform for trade in binary options has to be powerful, reliable, intuitively clear and simple in use. The comprehensive tool kit, technical indicators, trade and market data have to be provided by your first requirement broker. From every spot on the globe you have to have an opportunity to use a web platform, or the trade MT4 terminal of your broker, to get easy access to your account and trade in options 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.