The dollar almost regained

     After fall of the US dollar, caused by the interview of Donald Trump, on which he again remembered about the expensive national currency, the dollar index almost completely regained lost positions.
     It seems that the market is beginning to develop immunity to the statements of the President of the United States of America. Strong economy implies a strong national currency. And the US economic indicators show a stable and healthy growth of the US economy. Here can add the difference in the policies of central banks. Therefore, the other currencies are very difficult to resist the US dollar, not to mention the significant strengthening against it.
     Yesterday’s statistics initially confused market participants, when the producer price indices turned red. But at the same time, the growth of indicators was present and only not much didn’t reach the forecasts. Unemployment Claims the contrary exceeded expectations, being below the forecasts on 11 thousand. Later, Consumer Sentiment from the University of Michigan also came out better than expected.
     With the improvement of moods and wage growth, today’s report on Retail Sales in the US also can show better results, which will support the US currency. But remains the question, what inflation will be in the United States, because this indicator can become the main driver for the movement of dollar at the end of the week.