The rates remain unchanged

   The central banks of Canada, Great Britain and European Union have taken the decisions on the monetary policy this week. The interest rates, as was expected, have remained unchanged, but at the press conference only Stephen Poloz could support his currency, having moved the Canadian from the lows of the current year.


   The final decision was proclaimed by ECB. It has been said a lot. But what’s new? The European Central Bank continues to evaluate the risks of the current situation in the world economy. Reduced growth on the world market has an impact on Europe, low oil prices put pressure on the inflation. But in spite of everything, the European regulator is ready to act if the situation requires that operations.


   As it was mentioned, the ECB has not exhausted its possibilities yet, and there are enough tools to influence the European Union economy in the regulator’s arsenal. However, the main direction considering by the ECB is only some further relief in the monetary policy. The regulator has made it clear that now it is engaged in stabilization of the situation, because the problems within the EU and not only there continue to have a negative impact on the economies of European countries.


Oleksandr Tikhonov, leading analyst of