Signals for binary options in the Prime Signals. Online binary options signals for free

Signals for binary options in the Prime Signals

In the past, trading on the stock exchange demanded considerable prowess which backed by theoretical knowledge from the trader and the broker. The last factor is today indispensable too – it is no matter how to lean to technique – sooner or later you will act analytically, using your own intellect. Thanks to the Internet today’s trading can be conducted without leaving the house, so there is always the opportunity to study them in detail conditions, use of information resources and demonstration platform. Knowledge, together with technical means, such as for example the online signals for options, help successfully complete the transaction.
In this article, we are talking not only about the exchange, but more about the binary options -is a profitable trading system, with a lot of strategies and magnificent technical base. Traders use for success not only theoretical sources prescribed in these procedures, but also indicators and of the binary options online signals. Before analyzing them, it is necessary to consider several general questions for understanding of an essence.

Briefly about the market subjects

The exchange as the base of trade operations is a long-standing phenomenon, as well as options, which in the initial version intended for the market of tulips. As a purchase of shares contract they have sold in the XIX century.
In the twentieth century came the Forex, the basis of which is conscientious speculation on the currency pairs. A lot of traders and brokers rushed there, because the currency is is a living industry rate difference is inevitable, extract the profit was prestigious earnings.
The 21st Century was marked of affordable high-speed Internet, which has incorporated the trading system. In 2008, there were binary options – similar in its mechanism to the stock exchange, even more – in the Forex, but with some differences.

Binary Options Features

If Chicago Mercantile Exchange began to use the classic options among the latter, the binary variation was her invention. Outsiders are often confused it with
Forex, which is not surprising: here and there used currency pairs. At the same time BO have advantages which other trade systems don’t have:
• a variety of basic assets – currencies, commodities, precious metals, stocks and so on;
• transaction happen quickly, in turn, accelerates also receiving profit;
• the costs are under control – the rules require pre-calculate not only the amount of the purchase option, but also the profit. Before you give a beginner enter the market, self-respecting gaming platform has repeatedly asked him the confirmation decision, and the person in this case, knows what is;
• contribution into the gaming deposit – even the minimum amount of -1 dollar, if it is stipulate the contract and gives the right to participate in the transaction, which allows trained in combat, without putting at stake its own state.
Brief definition: binary options are either a contract for the acquisition of the underlying assets, or – more often – to forecast the direction of its price.

Purposes of the binary option buyer

Related : trader that bought in the same amount BO appears the task -make one of three forecasts:
• directions in prices up or down relative to the purchase price (strike price);
• to guess achievement or not achievement of the set price level;
• define a corridor of price fluctuations and to predict – will it price in it or go beyond.
Increases or decreases the binary option is called, respectively, Call and Put. Tangent and nontangential is OneTouch and NoTouch. The fluctuations of the price entering and not entering range: In; Out.

The vast majority of traders to work with Call and Put options.

The technical component

As it has already mentioned, with the Internet the most part of the exchange auctions has moved to online space. For Forex such changes become symbolic – with its rules easier to work on the network. Binary Options are a product of the Internet era – despite the fact that the phenomenon is noticeable in the market, such as a serious player, as the Chicago Stock Exchange of raw materials introduced the world, trades with them are carried out more often in the broker-trader closed environment, which, however, is constantly growing.
Broker platforms are provided for the trader — the main character. Because diversity is necessary to select well-known and reliable, for example, PremiumSignals. Very important to design a platform site. For work the terminal with the navigator helping to find indicators is represented — they need to be moved to the graphic area, on their basis to create schedules. It is also necessary to activate the trading signals for binary options – each gaming platform provides its own. Feature signals from Premium Signals:
• High accuracy – used only by those who repeatedly tested by traders and shown to be effective in a high percentage of profitable trades;
• They are free of charge – the practice shows that pay signals for binary options in most cases, are not a panacea, and serve as additional income broker or trader, they have developed.


The signals on binary options in its final function for the trader to submit a communication on the gaming platform about the state of the market. They are not only seen price action that contributes to the solution: what option Call or Putt to buy. The opportunity is given to choose an asset: you shouldn’t forget that besides currency pairs, there are still actions, share indexes, raw materials and other. Usually they are bought by people with experience, but trading signals for binary options due to its transparency and can help the beginner.

How does it look?

On purpose, that free signals were available to binary options which are provided by Signals Premium, it is necessary to be registered on the website After registration they are activated by the user through a private office.
In most cases the tool is concentrated in the table online displaying a condition of the market. . If to take as an example the most widespread asset — currency, then in a column currency pairs are located- each designed their own line.
The table shows time frames, suggesting a wide variety of game strategy: in the range from 60 seconds to 12 hours. Other options aren’t excluded.

How it works?

Having come into the table, we study the submitted data. Near each currency pair – each time frame – work signal:
• actively selling – should buy a step-down – Put-option;
• actively buying – acquired Call-raising option;
• neutral – It is taken relative to the given pair no action, because at this time there is no express direction of the price – is dominated by the so-called lateral trend, which in most strategies is seen as a lull.
In fact there are signals for binary options from the trader. They suggest: what currency pair to use and the base is a power which, in turn, is determined by the same signals to the sale or purchase of all tabular timeframes.
For example, if the next couple of dollar-euro for 5, 15, 60 minute time frames is a signal – to buy actively- then selecting it, feel free to acquire the option Call.
Along with the signal tables are provided online alive graphics that can disprove, but in most cases can confirm the validity of the signal. Experienced traders prefer and recommend to use additional indicators and more matches more likely the deal.


Sometimes there is a situation when on several assets the strong signal online is given at the same time. It can be used to increase the probability of successful prediction. It is necessary for each of them to buy a call option by paying reasonable – after all BO, as already mentioned, do not have a fixed minimum price – what and attractive.
To effectively use live graph that is submitted on the platform, period which shows a strong trend, if it is not visible –it should be introduced. The similar situation happens when considered the wide set of timeframe.
Online binary options signals to propagate not only free of charge on currency pairs, but also on raw materials, stocks and stock indices operate on a similar principle. When it comes to promotions, the subject of trading are securities act of large companies:
• Apple;
• Google;
• Coca-Cola;
• Microsoft;
• Nestle and other.
As indexes as a bargaining subject, are used:
• FTSE 100;
• DAX;
• IBEX 35 and others.

The technical component and a variety of trading signals

For the beginner trader following gradation is very important:
• free binary signals- they provided by gaming platforms, in conjunction with the charts of online indicators they can give a real result.
• Automatic system are developed by robot on the got algorithm, without possible nuances
• Paid signals Binary Options- a private development of a particular trader, depending on what tools he reached it, it can be effective.
Before signals reach the user, software processing are sophisticated For their functioning indicators are used – there are may be up to 20, including support and resistance, moving averages, and so on. It is used the work of traders and financial analysts, and the process is carried out round the clock. The development involved not only the linear motion of the trend, but also the pivot point, and their consequences. Among them:
• classic;
• Fibonacci;
• Camarilla
• Demark and others.


Live signals for binary options should be free, because as a trader and broker for is important to have a profit from the transactions rather than on development. Designed by them signals should play on a rating, but not on the purse in the literal sense.
Purpose of the tool- do not the work, but suggest, develop intuition, but they also sometimes make mistakes. It is not necessary Rely on them constantly – it is recommended to use them to choose for themselves a comfortable strategy.
You can not trust if binary options are available signals for free online through social networks like Odnoklassniki. Often by that is followed by a request to send SMS or similar proposals are the machinations of hackers, angling for computer information.