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Exchange is one of the tools for the market streamlining. It determines the price of the currency, commodities, raw materials, securities and other assets, determining the state not only of local but also the global economy. In the same place futures and exchange options are in use – the latter have been actively used as a bargaining chip. Proceeding from the trading asset, the exchanges are subdivided:
• currency exchange;
• stock;
• commodity;
• raw;
• futures;
• option
Exchange assumes the best conditions for transactions between large players – telecom, food, pharmaceutical and other companies. Any contract leads to the market revival of, which is characterized not only by the growth rates of the asset, but also a fall, from which some players exchange derive a profit.

Exchange as a source of income

Exchanges are present in each country with foreign trade channels. Their activity is connected with certain assets. Some have a combined focus, for example, stock options all over the world verified in the bulletins of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. It is often called the option. Indicators of the national exchanges unite in uniform information, are integrated in continental, then into world trade system.
Market provides not only a common picture of the market, but also provides people employment. It more concerns the currency, stock, option exchanges.. Participants of process are large players, they are undermining the market. Consequences like stock quotes or currency are the subject of speculation: buying at a lower price, sales – at inflated. Today traders and brokers are involved in this process. Traders are buying and selling assets, options, and brokers accept applications for the transaction.

Exchange trader – lifestyle and profession

The question – Is it possible to make money on the stock exchange? – The Best answer of traders, who on the auction were brought by passion, and as a result they have found wealth. Only those who attentively study the exchange and market behavior are successful in general, they have theoretic experience under their’s belt. Traders often work for themselves – according to the license. Especially talented employ large financial companies.
The worldwide network has considerably expanded a circle of the people who involved in the exchange process, and now on their own experience available to find out – is it possible to make money on the stock exchange? We are talking about online trading, which serves as a stable source of auxiliary or main income, and also is the prerequisite of high-profitable professional activity.
Work on the stock exchange on the Internet for the beginners does not suffer haste, it must be preceded by a thorough training. It is not necessary to use paid courses. It is enough to study the material from various sources on the Internet. It is worth to buy the book, the book authors who explain in accessible language the common market rules. Based on the personal information, who had earlier quite general information will have a concrete understanding of how to correct work at the exchange.

Broker Search

If you are a new man in trading, before you start making money on the stock exchange, it is necessary to find the right online resource with conscientious brokers. They use positive feedback in the appropriate forums and often act as partners of the well- known financial institutions. Among them is Premium Signal platform. For the broker beginner it is necessary, as it gives the opportunity to test their own strength and do not spend money on pay:
• expensive license;
• software;
• membership fees.
All these points are paid for by brokers that provide trader their platform for legal income, and as a percentage of the profits obtained transactions.
When you search the virtual broker you should pay to the exchange working hours , to which there is a binding – to remain comfortably online. Some have a specific work schedule, for example, starting from late at night until early evening. This feature of the regime is dictated by the necessity of comparison charts: when it is day in Europe, in the Far East and Australia already night, and it is night in America.


Those who make the first steps in trading, should definitely pay attention to the options market – derivative financial instruments, which are use – option to purchase or sell goods or securities at a certain time interval. Time, the purchase price and sale are all negotiated in advance, so the potential benefit is visible. Stock options are contracts in which the buyer and seller involved. They shall be registered by the clearing companies. Exchange options determine the price of a basic asset which makes a reservation at the conclusion of the contract. Differ:
• Call -options is got for receiving the right to buy the stipulated quantity of a basic asset (currency, actions, and goods) during the stipulated term, at the stipulated price, for the purpose of reciprocal sale in concrete time.
• Put -options is got for receiving the right to sell a certain part of a basic asset at the fixed price in a certain time.


Why purchase options?

Stock options are a kind of game between the seller and the buyer. Its essence is that acquiring the Call option, the buyer expects increase of cost of an asset and in advance forces the seller to make his reciprocal purchase at inflated price. If he agrees he has his own views on the forecasts. The end result will show the expiration –it is time of the end of an option action. If the buyer rights a good deal fixed for him.
Put option nature of the buy comes from the reverse: the contract for the right of sale of the stipulated part of assets at the price tending on decrease is acquired. Such contracts lucidly show how you can make money on the stock exchange.
The model is good the fact that in case of approach unprofitable to the holder condition of the market he has the right to refuse the transaction.


Technical tools

Information displayed on special terminals, on which based a trader decision – there is on Premium Signals too. Modern developers have implemented a lot of signals, indicators used in different strategies. The basis for a beginner to learn to distinguish trends according to the schedule:
• upward;
• downward;
• side.


If we consider the options for the beginners is the most opportune time to make a Call purchase during an uptrend. It is important to have time to buy at the very beginning: there is a chance to turn – from the peak to the fall – to convert into profit.
At the descending trend it is actual Poot. There are nuances. Ideal in its very early point when the price leaves the highest peak – to sell previously purchased assets. In the lowest position – on the spread, on the contrary, make a purchase. If the trend reduce continues, it is recommended borrow shares (an asset) from a broker and immediately sell. The money spent on the acquisition of that asset at the lowest possible price, return it to the broker, and the difference to offset profits.


It is necessary to analyze the market in order to properly put a trailing stop – a tool that allows you to make a deal when there is no way to trace it. For this, point select a clear of the trend movement – with the experience it will be easy to identify and it is set a stop. These versions brings not the maximum, but in most cases are guaranteed a steady income.
There are earning strategy for sideways at uncertainty of the market. Beginners at such state aren’t recommended to stake.


To ensure the newcomer success r can’t ask a question at all: how many it is possible to earn on the exchange? Any activity is accompanied by a progressive increase in revenue, the online trading – not the exception. It time is a good stepping stone for those who are planning to plunge into the professional activities of the industry and at the same and is a stable platform for additional earnings. It is very important for a beginner:
• not to create illusions – the first bet must be a minimum of the possible – their size should not grow as long as there is no developed its own strategy;
• to have the cold head – Trading inherent elements of the game, but treat it as to work. If there are mistakes, never let them dramatize, and attempt to remove the extra lessons;
• Do not stop learning – read new theoretical material, model in your head the most complex problems, analyze successful and unsuccessful transaction.
Compliance with these rules will help to come to their own conclusions about how to make money on the stock exchange, allowing to operate with a variety of strategies.