Protocol of the Fed is not particularly important for the dollar

After the weekend, the US dollar has not yet shown a high activity, as well as other currencies from the main basket. But by the evening the situation can change. Due to shift of the news output, there will not be so many data from the New World today and those that will have a limited influence to the US dollar. Protocol of the Fed is not particularly important for the dollar
Factory Orders according to the forecast will show negative dynamics to -0.5%, which will put pressure on the US currency. Closer by the end of the trading day, will be published the minutes of the last meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee. In general, the position of the majority of the members of the Federal Reserve is clear. Basically, officials are voicing positive forecasts and hopes for restoring the country’s economic growth. But that, market participants already heard, therefore if such rhetoric was present at the meeting of the Committee, this will have a small effect on greenback.
But if the sentiments in the US regulator will changes and will appear people with a softer position wanting to wait for confirmation of the improvement of the situation before further tightening of monetary policy, in this case, the US dollar may react to a new sharp decline.
Although such a scenario is more probable near to the end of the summer, if the data from the States remain relatively weak.