Pound and the dollar have some overall

     Tomorrow will meet Donald Trump and Theresa May. Once again US President  proves he is first of all a businessman and then a politician. Expected business meeting without  ceremonies.
     Two Leaders have a lot of topics for discussion. The major question that interests the Prime Minister of Great Britain is a trading relationship with the United States. Due to the output of the United Kingdom from European Union is necessary to seek additional economic partners. And now is very favorable time to improve relations with US
     The US and UK have a common topic of interest to them both. The main motivation Brexit was the problem with immigrants, because of which the United Kingdom is ready to sacrifice the single market. Donald Trump has issued a decree on the building of a wall on the border with Mexico, for the same reason.
     Maybe this common problem will help two Leaders find much more trade-offs and cost-effective solutions for both countries. Improvement of relations between the US and Britain, will lead to the reinforcement positions supporters of the anti-globalization worldwide.