Politics presses on the dollar again

The US dollar is continued to lose positions against most currencies from the main basket. This time, the political factors came out to the arena again. The US Congress stubbornly does not want to accept the bills which offer Donald Trump.

Another attempt to change the health care system in the United States of America ended in failure. Republicans who have a majority in the government do not have a common position, which deprives Trump of the opportunity to realize their promises. In this regard, the reforms still are moving very slowly.

At such rates, Republicans can hold out to parliamentary elections next year, where Democrats are able to get more seats. In this case, the position of Donald Trump will shake even more, and the belief to reforms in the United States will disappear altogether.

In addition, the decline of inflation in the US makes doubt that the Federal Reserve will again raise interest rates until the end of 2017. Futures for December estimates the probability of this event in 40%. If the statistics in America does not begin to recover, as expected in the Federal Reserve, the US dollar will finally lose its fans who are still hoping for its recovery.