Oil prices under the complex pressure

     On Friday, oil quotes have lost more than one dollar in price. Brent has stopped falling, almost reaching the level of $ 55 per barrel. Light WTI could hold above the mark  at $ 53. But looking at the present factors, the decline of oil prices may continue.
     OPEC reports significant decline mining crude oil in exporting countries. The agreement is performed, but the reliability of this data can be judged only in mid-February. Meanwhile, Nigeria and Libya, which have been released from the cuts, recovered their volume production of black gold, and that’s not good for oil prices.
     Baker Hughes once again informed about increase the number of active U.S oil rigs. At the same time shale drillers are very close to the mark of 9 000 000 barrels per day. This is a small increase in production, but inventories in oil storage are at high levels, and with growth oil production  should be expected a further increase hydrocarbon reserves. Protectionist laws of Donald Trump may soon touch oil imports, and that significantly alter the overall situation with the demand for crude oil.
     Forecast that will be achieved the balance between supply and demand in the third quarter can not be justified if Japan will launch nuclear power plants this year, and reducing the consumption of other energy sources.