Level for the growth of the dollar was created

     Everything as usual in the market. Fundamental news in the economic calendar are drivers for the movement of currency pairs, which in the main move according to technical analysis, and only sometimes breaking the structure by various surprises. Today, looking at the chart of the US dollar index, there is an impression that unforeseen situations shouldn’t be.
     After weakening of the US dollar, markets begin to remember about the difference in the policies of central banks. Appears new comments from the heads of federal banks, that it’s necessary to continue the process of normalizing monetary policy and other news.
     Accordingly, this leads to the strengthening of the US currency. The US dollar index began to form a level from which it would be appropriate to continue the upward movement, and it even made an attempt to reach the level of 100 basis points. But yesterday’s news wasn’t enough for continue strengthen of greenback, even despite that all statistics were in the green zone.
     Today, news from the United States of America, fueled by the past positive, can give an impetus to the US dollar, which will return the index above the hundredth level.