Gold use the situation

     Gold prices significantly gained in weight since 14 March, having beaten from the support at $1,200 per troy ounce, and now are trading above $1,245. For this growth of precious metals is facilitated uncertainty and disappointment in the markets.
The dollar loses appeal to investors, because the Federal Reserve doesn’t seek to accelerate the process of tightening monetary policy. And although representatives of the American regulator continue talk about the need to raising interest rates, for restore the US dollar, now need a set of positive statistics, which will take time.
The euro is strengthening against the dollar. In France, according to the latest data Emmanuel Macron leads the presidential race, that gives hope for a decline in risks for the euro area. At the same time still remain fears about the exit the UK from the European Union, which can exert simultaneously pressure on the pound and the euro.
The last oil prices decline evoke doubts that OPEC will be able regulate the oil market, which means investors will look for more safe assets. Gold in this case looks the most profitable asset for investment, and in the near future that can increase both the demand and the price of precious metal.