Gold regains popularity

     Quotes of gold trading above $1220 per troy ounce, near the highs of the last week. The gold prices growth was caused by the weakening of the US dollar.
     Expectation of the fact that the US currency will continue to rise up this year, and will go to parity with the euro, till is not justified. The charges of the new United States President’s about artificially understatement of national currencies by several central banks, in some countries, caused greenback weaken its position. In addition, the last Federal Open Market Committee showed the US regulator again take waiting position. That mean, in March raising interest rates could be not happen, which reduces the interest of investors to the US currency.
     But gold futures are becoming popular with investors who want to save their capital, seeking shelter in the stable assets. In this regard, gold has already taken more than half of the price decline in the past year.
     And if the US dollar does not get substantial support from Donald Trump and Federal Reserve System, no one statistic are couldn’t return the greenback to growth, what will allow to increase the gold prices.