Fed may change situation with the dollar

     In anticipation first meeting Federal Open Market Committee of this year index of the US currency fell below 100 points. Remarkably, the US dollar is now highly influenced by actions and statements by the President of the United States of America more than the words from the members of the Federal Reserve System. Many investors don’t understand what kind the consequences could be of actions by Donald Trump, is high volatility in the markets, and the US dollar weakens against the basket of currencies.
     Today Fed could support the US currency and return DX back above 100 points. At this meeting will not be a press conference of the head of American regulator, and not expect changes the monetary policy. But what is expected market participants, it’s a hint to the next increase in interest rates.
     Although some indicators have weakened over the past month, primary indicators are already at the target levels or close to them. Therefore, members of the Federal Reserve have a support for announcement about possibility early raising interest rates. And if the rhetoric at the meeting will be hawkish, greenback could strengthen its position in the near future.