Could the euro will go up

     Like after raising interest rates by the Federal Reserve System in 2015, after the last tightening of monetary-policy in the past year, the single currency started to strengthen against the US dollar.
     Since the end of December the euro kept steadily in rising channel in the pair EUR / USD, and from the level of 1.04 euro already climbed above 1.08, that’s tell, euro don’t want go to parity.
     When the European Central Bank increased QE, markets expected a decline of the single currency. But then inflation in the euro area started to raise head, and if ECB had not yet discussed folding QE, many wonder, when these conversations will come.
     In addition to improving the economy of EU, the US dollar helps strengthen euro. Rhetoric Donald Trump is not contributed to growth of greenback as comments at yesterday’s meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee. Members of the Federal Reserve very reservedly discussed the possibility of tighter monetary policy. In this regard, it seems that the Fed again takes a cautious position, like in the past year.
     And if it would be, and American regulator will begin spin out with raising interest rates, euro may up much above the level of 1.1000 in the EURUSD pair.