The euro shouldn’t wait reducing of QE

     At yesterday’s press conference, the head of the European Central Bank distinctly made it clear that the European regulator will not cut QE program in the near future.
     According to Mario Draghi, growth inflation in the past month it’s exception, which may show weaker values next time. And in order to reduce the size of asset purchase needs a stable economic recovery, which will be accompanied with the growth of all macroeconomic indicators in the euro area.
     In the same time, according to a Head of the ECB the European Union economy is recovering very slowly, because faced a number of challenges such as high unemployment, weak and astable increase in production.
     In addition, the single currency is under political pressure. Scandal with the François Fillon family, increased chances of winning his opponent Marine Le Pen. Leader of Front National looks at the out France from the European Union, and in case her victory, promises to hold a referendum. Therefore, concerns about possible Frexit will put pressure on the euro in the near future. And if the right-wing candidate will win in the presidential election, this pressure will increase much more.