ECB need more euro

     The European Banking Authority (EBA) said that the European Union needs to create a state agency which will regulate the issue of NPL. This is a sharp problem as think EBA becomes larger and significantly inhibits the economic growth of the European Union.
     The size of non-performing loans in the EU is already compiled for 13.6%, that is much more than the acceptable standards. The biggest debt among the Greece, about which the media are silent in recent times, Cyprus and Italy. Italian banks are the leaders in this list, their volume of NPL near to 300 billion dollars.
     The proposal of the EBA while has a common shapes. The new fiscal authority would have to buy debts by 250 billion euro, but wherefrom the money will be come is not clear yet.
     Earlier the European Central Bank said that’s problem must be decided governments, because under the statute the European regulator can’t to carry out the purchase of toxic assets.
     The meantime situation is getting worse, and for to solve this problem the ECB and the governments will must conduct negotiations. In any case European regulator will need more money, or to buy NPL, or to lend the states.