Dollar trying to change the trend

Gradually with kickbacks, but the US dollar index is restoring positions. Doubts are that the president of the United States of America will be able to carry out the promised reforms, and that economic indicators will begin to recover after a long negative dynamics do not allow the US dollar fully to grow. Therefore, currency of the New World is growing, using the incoming statistics, which began to show the growth.

The US labor market, in general, was already strong and stable, and the latest report, which showed a decrease of unemployment and wage growth, just confirmed this. On Tuesday, indices of business and economic optimism also showed significant growth, and open vacancies exceeded the figure of 6 million.

Of course, for the market participants to change their attitude to the US currency and return to its purchases, it will take time, preservation tough rhetoric in the Federal Reserve and necessarily more positive statistics. Although today’s data from the US may have a limited influence to the US currency, and give it only local support, because the focus will be on tomorrow’s inflation data.

Is predicted the growth of the consumer price index, and if the expectations will justified, greenback can strengthen not only in the short term, but also can continue the growth in next week.