The dollar and oil can move together again

     Once again, take place are events in the market that previously were considered unnatural. Usually, if the US dollar was grow, oil prices were go down, and vice versa. Yesterday after two days of sideways movement greenback and the oil price went into growth.
     Market participants are beginning to believe in the seriousness of the statements by the representatives of the exporting countries on the implementation agreement by OPEC + . All in one voice talk about the reduction of crude production according to plan, and in some cases more than need. Furthermore, it is expected an increase  demand for hydrocarbons bring to the balance with the offering soon. Fears concerning of shale companies in the US, is not justified. Despite the companies in North America are increasing the quantity of active drilling rigs, growth of the black gold production remains moderate.
     The fact that the US dollar will wait inevitably be strengthening, investors are beginning to understand. Donald Trump began to actively perform his promises, that said  about soon will come the turn of the fiscal stimulus. A strong economy always means a strong currency.
     Therefore, in the near future likely oil prices and the US dollar will grow together.