The dollar is looking footing

     After the inauguration of the new President of the United States of America, the US dollar index is slowly slides down, and has been below the round mark by the 100 basis points. Donald Trump politics is very concerned about the investors, and it is not known how to react to his actions and statements, uncertainty holds in the markets.

     The new US president still claim about the necessity to return production to the United States and threatens higher taxes for the importation of goods from abroad, while stating that the tax will be reduced for domestic manufacturers. Overall Trump begins to fully carry out its program of anti-globalization. In this case, it’s to change the structure of world trade. The first step, the US withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific partnership.

     Such US action will cause to big volatility on the markets. It’s not excluded that the current time will be the beginning stage of the global trade war. The first confrontation will be between the China and the United States, Mexico’s next turn, but it is still unknown what conditions will be among the other members of the world trade, and their possible reaction to the actions of Trump.

     The US dollar during this time looks for levels to stabilize, because in any case, the US economy remains strong, and in the case of the further growth should be expected the strengthening of the American currency.