Dollar cannot be without statistics

In the absence of important statistics, the US dollar index again recoiling from reached past highs. Representatives of the Federal Reserve, as they could, expressed their views about the future of the American economy. There are hawks which voiced positive outlooks, but there are pigeons which saying that it is not worthwhile to force events and should wait until the statistics confirm the recovery of economic growth.
On the whole, the markets are ready that the Federal Reserve slightly slow down, because it can afford to raise interest rates not in September, but in December. Until then, the movements of the US dollar will depend on economic indicators. And if statistics really show improvement in the US economy, it will strengthen the position of hawks in the Fed. And although not everyone supports the aggressive desire to tighten monetary policy, all members of the Federal Reserve agree with the idea of ​​reducing balance sheet, which will also benefit for the Greenback.
Besides that, Donald Trump does not sit idly by; he continues the attempts to carry out the reforms. After the failure of the first healthcare bill in Congress, the US president proposed a new version of this reform. The concessions that are taken into account in the new bill cause disagreements even inside the Republican Party, but perhaps the Democrats will be more lenient, which will allow to reach a compromise, and Donald Trump will be able to continue the reforms, albeit not as fast as he wanted.