Current week overview June 26 – June 30

Last week, some currencies showed little volatility, but in the end, mostly prices returned to the levels of start of the week. This was due to a small number of important news. This week in the economic calendar, too, there will be no events that could radically change the alignment of forces. And yet for the market participants will be on what it is worth paying attention.
Core Durable Goods Orders in the US
It is expected that the indicator will show a positive trend, which is extremely necessary for the US currency, which feels an extreme lack of support from statistics in its absence in the economic calendar.
Pending Home Sales in the USA
Last week, data on sales in the secondary market showed a positive trend. In this regard, there is a possibility that this indicator will also show positive results, having provided local support for the US dollar.
Inflation in Germany
The consumer price index of Germany will be published on Thursday. Despite that the forecast of the month will show improvement, the annual data may show a slight decrease, which will have a deterrent effect on the euro exchange rate.
Final GDP of the USA
It is expected that the indicator will remain at the level of past estimates, it is moderate will support the US dollar. In the case of changes in the data, the reaction of the greenback will be appropriate, but most likely in short-term.
GDP of Canada
The data on the gross product of the maple leaf country perhaps is the most interesting event in this week. Although inflation showed a decline last week, a significant increase in retail sales gives hope for a change of GDP to the better. This will confirm the optimistic forecasts of the Bank of Canada and strengthen the position of the Canadian dollar in the short term.