Current week overview 29.05-02.06

     On this week will be a lot of important data which can cause not only high volatility, but also set the direction of the assets for the next few weeks. We suggest for you pay particular attention to several events.
Business climate in the Eurozone
     On Tuesday, will be released block of data from Europe. If the indicators of business sentiment continue the flow of positive statistics, which recently came out in the EU, the euro can continue its strengthening. Although the slowing of inflation in Germany, which will be published later, can hold a union currency.
Personal Consumption Expenditures in the USA
     It is expected that the indicators will come out in the green zone. Therefore, with the release of these data, the US dollar can begin to receive the long-awaited support, which is necessary for the US currency to restore its positions.
Prelim Industrial Production of Japan
     The Japanese yen recently heavily dependent from the movement of its opponents, but a significant improvement of production will support the currency of the Land of the Rising Sun, which may allow it to strengthen its positions.
The Eurozone consumer price index
     On Thursday, along with unemployment, will be published the inflation data in the European Union. And if the decline of unemployment positively affects the euro, then the slowdown of inflation will weaken its position.
The US Labor Market
     As usual, in the first Friday of the month, there are data of the labor market in the United States. From the values which will be published, will depend on further movement of the US dollar in the medium term, but also when the data is released, the market reaction will be high.