Current week overview 15.05 – 19.05

     This week news from the United States of America will be not too much. Therefore,  more impact on the US dollar may have comments from representatives of the Federal Reserve, which will be at the end of week. Also, the dollar will be partly influenced by statistics from other countries, which may exert additional pressure on it.
Consumer Price Index in the UK
     The low exchange rate of the British pound, according to Mark Carney, provides growth of inflation in the United Kingdom. On Tuesday, it is expected the CPI will once again show a positive dynamics that will support sterling, but growth may be restrained, confining to past highs, if the Producer Price Index according to forecast will be worse than the past values.
Eurozone GDP
     After a block of data from the UK, will be published estimate of GDP from the Eurostat. It is expected the values will coincide with the past. The latest statistics indicate a gradual recovery of the economy, and one more confirmation of this can allow the euro to strengthen its position.
The real estate market in the USA
     Later, will be released a block of data of the real estate market in the States. Improve the situation in this area can strengthen the US dollar, or at least keep it from decline against other currencies before the appearance of new more significant statistics.
The Consumer Price Index in the Eurozone
     Inflation in the euro area is close to the target, and the confirmation of these values will not only support the European currency, but may force revise position of the ECB in the future.
Canadian Consumer Price Index
     At the end of the week, will be released inflation data in Canada and according to forecasts are expected to improve of indicators. This may allow pair of the USD/CAD to come down from the trading range that was formed last week.