Binary options. Analyzers of options, types and efficiency

Using of different sources of information for conducting successful trade in the financial markets – a necessary condition of modern trading. One of the main such sources is the analytics of binary options. Adoption of the correct decisions and effective trade it is caused by mainly correctly picked up technique of use of analyzers of binary options. The effective analytics of binary options surely comprises bases of the technical and fundamental analysis of the market, use of automatic trade advisers, and also the forecasts of experts based on the world economic news. Any trader who is guided by own strategy has an opportunity to compare own forecasts to analytics of the broker or any other a top of a borker if that provides such data in free access. Check of the trade signal provided by the broker, available tools – a commonplace for the skilled trader.

Technical analysis of binary options

Application of this method of the analysis is based mainly on signals of indicators. The most popular of them:
• moving averages,
• Ishimoku’s indicator,
• Stochastic.
All these indicators are an integral part of the majority of strategy and, anyway, assist the trader in forecasting of the further movement of a trend.
For trading on short, average and long positions the analysis of levels of support and resistance is classically applied.
It is effective to use the technical analysis of binary options for verification of own forecasts with signals of indicators. Use of the graphic patterns forming this or that figure always gives to the trader the evident chance to correct the forthcoming actions.
Application of the fundamental analysis in trade in binary options.


The fundamental analysis is guided by information obtained from articles covering a situation in the market from the economic, financial and political point of view. Use of such analyzer is most effective for trade on average and long positions.
The fundamental analytics helps the trader of binary options to understand, how adequately he estimates influence of the taking place world events on the change in price of assets, trade which he carries out. Whether his conclusion is right, for example, that the unstable economic situation in some countries of the eurozone will negative influence strengthening of positions of euro further in relation to dollar and so on.

Cooperation about a top brokers

One more, rather powerful factor providing powerful analytics – trade on the platform of the company entering a top of the 10th rating of the best binary brokers. Each top caring for the reputation the broker provides to the clients as an obligatory set of services periodic free trade signals. Having, as a rule, powerful team of analysts, a top the broker maintains efficiency of the signals at the level of 65-85%. Besides, any binary broker from a top 10, it is guaranteed will give to the clients an opportunity of training in bases of trading and the technical analysis on which the lion’s share of analytics not only options, but also all marginal trade is under construction.

The binary robot and advisers for binary options

Any trader trading in the market Forex or binary options tries to minimize the financial and time expenditure, at the same time seeking to increase profitability of the accounts. One of decisions for similar optimization is use of automatic trade systems, or, in other words, trade robots.
Such robots are divided into advisers and automatic telephone exchange. The first just give to the trader periodic signals, at the same time the trader does business, independently opening transactions. What is the binary robot? And where to take such robot, you will ask quite reasonable question? The binary robot is, in fact, the automatic trade system (ATC) which after the activation can trade without participation of the trader.
Few variants of robot production. It can be written most or to order from experts with a wide experience and knowledge in the field of the technical analysis. Besides, it is possible to get already ready robot what is offered often by these or those binary brokers for attraction of bigger number of clients in the ranks. Some provide robots or advisers absolutely free of charge. But in this case it is necessary to understand one simple truth: all these robots, advisers, automatic telephone exchange only help with work, but will never make it for you.
At the choice of the robot, it is necessary to understand the principle of its work, what indicators it uses and how does these indicators work. Competently adjusted robot – pledge of small number of mistakes and high percent of the warrants worked in plus. Nevertheless, as if the trader didn’t want to load with all the work on the robot, he should realize accurately that the fact that only the constant control and tuning of automatic telephone exchange would allow it to have the constant stable income.


Why you shouldn’t refuse use of robots for trade at the exchange

Good trade robots have a number of indisputable advantages which just can’t be withdrawn from account. So, high-quality robots are almost always:
• the profitable algorithms of trading tested on long intervals of real work of real financial assets. As a rule, the most widespread assets, under trade in which are written robots, these are the main currency pairs, gold silver, several top of indexes and futures;
• the round-the-clock work excluding a human factor;
• independent calculation of trade lot that significantly reduces risk of loss of the deposit;
• trade in a safe zone of the website, directly via the trade server;
• opening of transactions during a share of seconds and high sensitivity to market fluctuations.
Each top the broker, whether it be from the first 10, or a rating below, can provide to the client under these or those conditions of the binary robot written especially for the platform.
The Chicago exchange of options or how to trim the sails to the wind.


At all abundance of methods of forecasting which purpose is receiving profit the Chicago exchange of options (CBOE) was and remains a fundamental reference point, or if you want, a beacon for the serious option trader in the storming ocean of financial passions, nevertheless.
At this exchange business in options for actions of more than 2 thousand companies, more 20th top of indexes and nearly 140 exchange index funds is done. The trades in such popular contracts as an option for the S&P500 (SPX) index and an option for a volatility index СВОЕ (VIX). The last, by the way, is used as the world indicator of market volatility.
Market makers and brokers of a trading floor act as participants of the Chicago exchange of options. The first ones play a role of the dealers making transactions with options at own expense and on its own behalf. The second ones carry out applications for purchase and sale of contracts at the request of investors.
Business on СВОЕ is conducted with use of hybrid system of electronic and free exchange trading. It is necessary to cancel that more than 60% of all exchange transactions are the share of electronic trading, it depends the volume of transactions by more conservative method of direct exchange trade is used by generally large institutional investors. Always it is possible to study quotations and other useful information without which the analytics of any trader of binary options respecting him doesn’t manage on the website of the exchange to the address

Analytics of binary options: conclusions and summary

Logical conclusion follows from all above information that the analytics of binary options is important and even necessary condition for any trader at all stages of his trade activity. Certainly, the decision on whether to apply set of the available analyzers or not, is accepted by exclusively trader. But, it is obviously what neglect to use of the acquired techniques and systems, precipitately, and can bring to undesirable to results and even to full loss of the deposit.