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Pound felt the ground under feet

Sterling among the currencies of the main basket showed the worst results against the US dollar. Sometimes the pound, when the rest strengthened against the greenback, could even fall, because the sentiment to the currency of Albion among the market participants was quite skeptical. Decline

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Oil in storm

Oil quotes was very active in recent days. Growth for a couple of dollars, then slightly smaller decline, and growth again, which followed by a new movement to the south. But yet, after rebounding Brent from $50 per barrel to $52, oil looks more confident.

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Oil is still holding above 50

Yesterday, oil quotes of Brent benchmark almost gone below the important level $50 per barrel. If the price was fixed below this mark, a new wave of sales, which would necessarily followed this event, would bring down prices very much. The unofficial leader of OPEC

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Current week review 14.08 – 18.08

This trading week will be a lot of interesting and important news, which can have a significant influence on currency pairs in the medium term. Most of this news is concentrated in the middle of the week, so the greatest activity will be during this

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Dollar trying to change the trend

Gradually with kickbacks, but the US dollar index is restoring positions. Doubts are that the president of the United States of America will be able to carry out the promised reforms, and that economic indicators will begin to recover after a long negative dynamics do

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Oil draws a triangle

Looking at the charts of oil quotes is good visible the technical figure of the tapering triangle. The volatility of oil prices decreases in anticipation of decisions which be made at the next OPEC + monitoring committee, which is now taking place in Abu Dhabi.

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Dollar needs green colors

The US dollar is in the risk zone. The dollar index during four days is in a narrow range below 93 basis points in anticipation of today’s report of the US labor market to shoot from the accumulation in one direction or another. Looking at

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Pound pending decision of the Bank of England

Yesterday British currency tried to continue its growth in the pair GBP/USD, but as a result, biddings ended almost without unchanged. Today will be not many news from the UK, so the movement of the pound may be limited, but tomorrow sterling is expect a

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Current week overview 31 Jul – 04 Aug

This week will be so saturated that it is even difficult to choose from all events the main and most interesting. A large number of important news will necessarily cause high volatility in currency pairs, which can persist throughout the week. Eurozone inflation Open the

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Dollar needs something more

The meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee was held without surprises. Interest rates remained at the same level, optimistic rhetoric of policymakers also survived. But yet, the American dollar finished yesterday’s bidding with another weakening against the currencies of the main basket. Even statements

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